5 – 8 September 2013, Innsbruck, Austria, The 5th Central European Workshop of Myrmecology, Organising Committee: Birgit C. Schlick Steiner, Wolfgang Arthofer, Florian M. Steiner. For more details (click)

14 – 18 March 2013, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 3rd Central European IUSSI Meeting, Organising Committee: Markó Bálint, Czekes Zsolt & Ioan Tăuşan. For more details (click)

15 – 19 September 2011, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, “4 th CENTRAL EUROPEAN WORKSHOP OF MYRMECOLOGY”Markó Bálint, Ph.D, Head of committee. Participants from Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania. For more details (Click)

4-7 October 2011, Sibiu, Romania, 3 rd AQUATIC BIODIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, Angela Curtean-Bănăduc, PhD, Conference chair. For more details (Click)

24-26 November 2011, Bucharest, Romania, The 3 rd  ANNUAL ZOOLOGICAL CONGRES OF “GRIGORE ANTIPA” MUSEUM. For more details (Click)

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